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We know you want the best-possible rate, and that you want to hang on to as much money as you can. So why use a mortgage broker when you could just walk into your bank and get a loan there?

1. A broker has access to a large number of funding sources to find you the best rate you can qualify for. Your bank can only offer you what they have, and nothing else. If you want to find out if your bank is giving you the best terms, you don't ask the ask a broker.

2. Better service. Bankers are on salary and are only available during business hours. You can reach me after hours, on weekends...whenever. A broker doesn't get paid until the deal closes, so I have the motivation to take excellent care of you.  Not to mention banks are taking months to complete a loan when I can close most loans in 30 days or less.

3. If you get turned down by your bank, it is the mortgage broker that may have access to alternative funding sources that can get your loan closed.

You have nothing to lose except money, and your time.  I won't waste either.  Call today for a quote! 

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Top 3 Reasons To Work With Jeannine Downey

1.  I make myself available to my clients most evenings and weekends. 
2.  I will get the loan done fast.  Many loan programs can be completed in 30 days or less.
3.  I will be your advocate to the big banks and coordinator to all parties involved. 

I will walk you through the whole process. 
You won't get shuffled around.

I'm looking forward to your call!
You have nothing to lose except money and your time; I won't waste either. 

Call for a quote today!